Popsiz Version 3 - Summer 2022 Update


The long-awaited Popsiz 2022 Summer Update for Popsiz Version 3 has been released. The summer update is now live across all servers.

New Features

  • Popsiz Central Bank: The Popsiz Central bank now has a fully functioning interior! Head down to the Popsiz central bank, to buy cash, a new rank tag, or even earn free cash! Play a minigame at the new self-service centers to earn a random amount of P$!

  • Popsiz Aircraft Tours: The Popsiz aircraft tours make their return. Head down to Popsiz Int’l. airport and talk to Charlie to book a flight for a cheap price of R$35. Fly around the map and explore some things you may have never noticed in Popsiz. In Charlie’s office, a new departure board has been added for those who purchase a flight tour.

  • Interaction Update: Many new features for player interaction have been added. From new weather, all the way to a never seen introduction screen for new players. Added to the random weather events are foggy skies. Randomly the volcano erupts, but now Popsiz experiences fog on a random basis.

  • 50% Map Size Increase: The bank interior alone added 25% to the map size, but we’ve opened up the whole map so you can free roam without running into bulging mountains. You may also notice new power lines around the map, these will come in use in a later update.

  • Walk speed Gamepass Improvements: The walk speed game pass was only toggleable through a keybind, now you have 2 more options for toggling walk speed in Popsiz Version 3. For users who own the game pass and play on mobile or PC, a new left-hand UI button has been added to your user interface. For users who own the game pass and play on PC, we’ve implemented Shift to sprint.

We’ve taken some exclusive pictures of this update, that will be added to this log shortly after release.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed premium anti-cheat bugs.
  • Minor grammar fixes throughout the game.
  • Removed friend teleport module.
  • Fixed Popsiz Central Bank region.
  • Fixed NPCs wandering too far around the map.
  • Changed location of some UI boards.
  • Fixed weather boards throughout the map.
  • Added a Development Relations Team tag to user’s nametags.

Update FAQ

How do I play the Self Service machines in the new Popsiz Central Bank?
Interaction with the prompt found on all self-service machines inside the bank. Read through the dialogue then start when you’re ready. Each round of random tiles will light up and play a sound. Once all the tiles have lit up, click the tiles that you recall seeing light up. (Due to ROBLOX updates you can only play this game once per server - we’re investigating a fix for this.)

How do I use shift to sprint?
If you own the walk speed gamepass and play Version 3 on a PC, hold down shift to enable your walk speed. If you release the shift key your speed will return to normal. For mobile users, you can tap the button to enable your walk speed, and tap it again to disable it. For any device excluding the console, you can chat ‘/ws’ to enable or disable your walk speed.

How do I book a flight, why are the tickets so expensive?
To book a flight, go over to Charlie at the Popsiz Int’l airport and interact with the prompt on his desk. Once you purchase a flight wait for your boarding pass. Once the plane arrives, interact with the prompt to get in the Pilot seat. As of right now, the planes are not flyable to prevent abuse. Flights are at a higher price to prevent abuse as well.

Stay tuned for this year’s update! Leave us your thoughts about this update in our communications server. Report any bugs to the dedicated channel. Check out this new update in-game.

:clipboard: Credits to:

intorsetorpolice1: Bug Fixes
UsedSpxse: Update Programming

UsedSpxse, Chairman
Popsiz Leadership and Development