[Portfolio] CrezzaC - Graphic Artist & Builder

My name is CrezzaC.

I’m a Graphic artist in education with four years of skill experience with software like blender, photoshop software, and illustration software. I have been officially active on the ROBLOX platform on my current main account since 2014 and I have been heavily interested in the quirky world of Game Development on this platform since the very first time I ever opened studio, 2016 till today. I do have much to showcase throughout my time being in education and of course my time on ROBLOX.

First of all, here’s a link to my official artstation: https://www.artstation.com/crezzac

From here you can see all my recent and past creations in the Graphics media, particularly Illustration, photo manipulation, and 3D modeling.

Currently, in my art studies, I’m focusing on drawing characters for video games. For this I have been looking closely into anatomy and concept art in hopes I can go into this field of work as a career.

Anima Screenshot Showcase

Unreleased Roblox Stuff Showcase

Regarding my availability.

Since I’m in full-time education, I can only work on most afternoons after my lessons. I rarely work on weekends, as I do need to break away and chill out. However, whatever you have in mind for me, I’d be happy to see if I can work around it.

Regarding Payment.

While I do have a PayPal for payment, I don’t mind being paid in Robux as I am saving up for my own project’s funding. I prefer to be paid per asset not through percentage, although this can be negotiated as well.

Last but not least, where can you contact me?

Discord : CrezzaC#7010

Twitter : @CrezzaC

Artstation : https://www.artstation.com/crezzac

Thank you for checking my portfolio out,
Hope to see you soon!




It looks pretty cool. I hired you on B-byte#4372