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It is now difficult to construct a portfolio as a Roblox Developer without people bashing your work and stating it is not worth the price. These comments are really rude and disrespectful because it is supposed that Dev Forum is a professional atmosphere, particularly if user remarks do not even contemplate starting up the developer. The DET should remove any of these posts.

What are some solutions I have?

  • Delete these posts when reported
  • Suspend the user if it’s a repeated behavior
  • Add the ability to respond to a post after 5 minutes of reading it. (Will this ensure that the reader reads the entire post)

If one of those modifications were applied, it may encourage developers to construct portfolios without fear of being chastised for their pricing.

Should this topic be addressed?
  • Yes
  • no

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I don’t think any changes to the #collaboration:portfolios and #collaboration:recruitment categories will be done since the Talent Hub is coming pretty soon.

When is it going to be released to the public?

Nobody knows. I guess in about 2 months.


What exactly is the talent hub for? Is it like a asset marketplace for more “niche” things?

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To me it seems to be newer members of the forum.

It is something that was “Leaked”. It is basically it is the #collaboration: part of the forum but on a different website.

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No, it isn’t something that was leaked, it was announced in the Roadmap for 2021, and it is a marketplace for hiring people, showing off your portfolio and other cool stuff with a cool interface and out of this forum. I guess with it better guidelines will come

basically its #collaboration but made on talent.roblox.com (different website for it)

These posts are already flaggable as they are off topic and inappropriate. Anyone who isn’t interested in your work or isn’t coming with the intention of hiring you has no business posting on your portfolio. Only developers interested in hiring you should post to inquire for more information, provide constructive criticism/testimony if they’ve worked with you before or to establish contact.

Recruitment was locked AFAIK because of similar such nonsense on a mass scale and would love to see portfolios get locked in the same manner because it’s clear that people aren’t capable of conducting themselves appropriately when going through Collaboration threads.