[PORTFOLIO] GalaxiaDoge/Modeler

:heavy_check_mark:Welcome to my portfolio:heavy_check_mark:
To begin with, I’ll comment a little bit on myself and my experience in the platform and in 3D modeling.

Hello, I have been working for about 1 year in Blender and 3D modeling.
During this time I managed to get my first object to the catalog collaborating with @StronbolYT.

I have several objects created but I will only show the most important ones in my opinion.

Mainly I really like the culture of several places and I find it super interesting so several of my ideas are based on culture of little known but very interesting places.
I really like to research and create objects about the cultures of different places inside and outside of Mexico.

I have nothing so important to emphasize more than my age which is 17 years, I am from Mexico and I like doges :dog:

Discord: GalaxiaDoge#1303
Youtube GalaxiaDoge
Twitter @ doge_galaxia

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