[Portfolio] KaldenKrue | Game Designer/Project Manager

About Me

Good day! My name is Nick, but as you can see, my username is KaldenKrue. I am a Game Designer,
with a knowledge of the different aspects that make a good video game. I learn my way around them, and I specifically do my best to study the Roblox playerbase, its marketing system, and I gain experience through exposing myself to different game development groups as well. I have experience helping out other development teams with their game design and with important decisions. I was also the Game Designer of a development team of mine 2 years ago, and I plan on making a new one later on in the future. Currently, I work for ThinkStudios, a new development group with a project in mind.

Not only that, but I also find myself a reliable and honest Project Manager. Over my 6 years in Roblox, I have gained experience with having high ranked and moderator roles in different groups and in different genres, whether it be in the restaurant genre, military genre, or any other genre, not restricting myself in the confinements of game development (I am currently not seen in these groups as my main focus is helping out game development-wise). I find myself capable of standing by the rules a certain group has and overseeing different tasks needed to be accomplished.

What I do

I’m sure many game designers and managers before me have said this, but I’ll just emphasize some points.

  1. Create the overall “blueprint” of the game
    Of course, if the owner of the development team has a project in mind, his/her decision has to be respected. But, as a Game Designer, it is my duty to plan almost every aspect, abstract or concrete, that consists around the game. The basic concept, mechanics, assets, marketing strategies to be used, hiring processes, budgets, and many more. They are all to be planned out/written down accordingly by the Game Designer, which in this case, is me.

  2. Help solve different issues in the game, in the general workspace, or even outside of these boundaries
    I’ll be explaining the 3 aspects mentioned here. Starting off with issues in the game, this can be bugs, glitches, or even creative decisions inside of it, like its similarity with other games on the platform. Second, a problem in the workspace is a developer that quits halfway in development, and this is a serious issue that may harm the development of the game forever. Another issue pertaining this aspect are rule breakers. Lastly, issues outside may be how we advertise the game/show it to the general public with efficiency and less hassle.

  3. Serve as a good leader
    Sounds pretty vague, basically might seem like overseeing different tasks done by others, but there is a whole lot of meaning around it. For me, being a good leader is making sure that everyone is being the best person they can be, whether it be the programmer, the builder, the animator, the graphics artist, etc. One has to be strict in due dates, but at the same time understanding, and patient in certain situations given. One has to be the overall head of the creative aspect of the project, honest in saying constructive criticism to others, but at the same time get criticized fairly and learn from others as well. One must expect good activity, but at the same time, be active. One mustn’t break one’s promises as well. I stand by what I say here, and I make sure I always live by what I saw I am.

Availability/Work Hours

The absence of school makes my time very flexible. However, some of my time is also used up in making music compositions and game designs for other groups. Nevertheless, I make sure I balance my time evenly for all the groups I am currently in. The timetables stated below are all in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Monday - Thursday & Saturday: 1:00 AM - 5:00 AM, 10:00 AM - 1:00 AM [7 Hours]

Friday & Sunday: 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM, 1:00 AM - 5:00 AM, 10:00 AM - 2:00 AM [9 Hours]


Prices are negotiable. PayPal ($) is highly preferred, but I don’t mind being paid in Robux (:robux:) through group funds, since payment through T-Shirts may cause minor problems due to tax reasons.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, via Twitter, or via Discord. Discussions and Proof of Work (Game Design) however, will be held at Discord. The main reason I didn’t put a game design of mine here in my portfolio is because of my fear of it being stolen, and possibly used by others.

Thank you, and have a great day! :sunny:

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