Portfolio Piece - Beretta M92A1

So this project was easily the longest project I’ve done so far, which a huge chunk of time spent on the texturing. The goal with this model was to explore a ZBrush workflow while learning new techniques in trying to make the model look as realistic as I can. I think I succeeded in that to an extent!

I’ve posted a few images of this in “What are you working on currently?” and replaced the images of my first iteration with my 2nd one. But I feel like its appropriate to have its own thread instead since this is the best achievement I made thus far. I will be doing a third iteration of the textures here, but for now I need to work on my next project!

Triangles: Just over 14k
Textures: 1x 4K texture set

EDIT: Redid some renders, as well as added new ones!


Turntable video:

Texture Breakdown:


The work definitely paid off looks great! Love the tiny interdict details on the gun.

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I legit thought that this was just a picture of a real gun. The level of detail is outstanding on both the gun and bullets.
It looks amazing, your work paid off!

(Now get some rest, you need it-)

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The sun was already up by then, and my cat was meowing at me for food, so I didn’t sleep well haha. But it was worth it at least.

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That is highly impressive. It looks great!

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Very good! One thing though, the rubber on the handle doesn’t show signs of age yet the rest of the gun does have scratches etc. perhaps adding bends in the rubber or scratches could look ok?

Redid some renders & added a few more aswell.

A bit of age has been shown there like scratches, but I’ll try to emphasize it in the future for my next iteration!