I’m Skies and I am a Roblox developer and have worked for a variety of people and games, I have a good reputation. I aspire to be a scripter but while I am not one I am a GFX Designers, Builder,
UI Designer, And Partly a mesh maker.

I have worked for Aorda he can vouch for me and is a highly credible source.

I am currently OPEN for GFX commissions!
Please keep in mind that only the portfolio of what I am open for will appear below nothing else









DM me on my Discord (given at the bottom) to see more

Logo: 1-2k
Thumbnail: 2-5k

Contact Info:

Discord: Skies#5779

Thanks for taking the time to read this!



100 000? That’s a bit of an overkill! Imagine spending one thousand dollars?

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Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with @TOP_Crundee123. If you want to have sales, I suggest lowering the price. Nice GFX’s, though!

I would agree with the other replies about the price range being too high. If I were spending 100,000 robux on GFX, I would certainly expect there to be some insane color mixing, effect, color correction application, flare, etc. I’m not really seeing any of that on your Photoshop picture, besides a small bevel and emboss effect. I would recommend keeping your prices closer to the end of 1k, especially since it doesn’t look like you’re actively using color corrections and applying Photoshop to its full potential. I don’t mean for that to sound overly critical, it’s just that if you’re going to even throw 100k into the range of your prices, then you really need to post some absolutely stellar and well put together GFX to earn that number!

Any chance you can post some of the UI designs that you’ve done?


A lot of these replies are coming from your price range going up to 100 000 robux, and I’m going to have to agree. You’ve only provided two pieces in your portfolio and your audience will assume that skill level is what you are capable of. Not to be picky about it, but with just these graphics under your belt, I don’t even think you should be selling it over the 1000 mark until you’ve established a critical foundation of what you can really do! If I was paying 100k for just one of your pieces, I would really hope that your work would surprise me in a way that would be unique from the others. I encourage you to keep practicing though!

I can’t add them all currently due to the lack of time this week, I have many commisions atm.

Sales have been lowered feel free to check them out!

He is good at building and made three different buildings for an upcoming game of Exam Studio. I do recommend his services.

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