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Heya! One of the many things I do (amateurish :confused:) is make GFX! I decided to sell them to help fund my new café.


I'm selling GFX similar to these. (Mi_sst is my main account, I use this account for the Devforum due to email complications.)

(Below image was my first sale! Thank you @James17616!)

Feel free to leave suggestions on these, I’m looking to get better!

I’d like to make some things clear. I’m making a CUSTOM graphic tailored to what you want, but only in that square aspect ratio.


I want 100 R$ at least for each of these. I’ll accept group funds or shirt sales (you cover fees). This is my first time selling anything, so please let me know if these prices are unfair for either me or the buyer. :slight_smile:


You may contact me on Discord @ Mist#3415. Please reply to this topic and let me know you sent one.

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

In my personal opinion, prices should be about R$50. The renders are great for a start but the renders arent the highest of quality and the font looks a little odd.

They do look very good, but need improvements. Good luck with selling it! :smile:

So what GFX are you selling?
Is it just the backround square type GFX? I’m a little confused sorry.

Thank you for your feedback! I’ll lower the starting price, but these are also completely custom, so if you didn’t like the font I chose, you could always ask me to change it. :smile:

Yes, I am. For game icons and such.

Here’s my discord: Coneylove133#2653

I have a few more questions.

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Alright. Would you like me to send a friend request?

Here’s some feedback for improvement. I have never made a render in my life, so this is some other feedback.

  1. Try adding more detail.
    The images look to plain/default, try adding some curve/bolding of the font.

  2. Optimize the colors!
    The font/background do not fit well together!
    Make the text have lots of contrast, this is what you want the viewer to see first! You should also make things like “V2” smaller because they are not as important. I also blur the background to make it less distracting.

  3. Better fonts!
    Try not to use cursive/fancy fonts, use something simple and unique! Remember, the text is the most important!
    This website is what I use for all of my fonts, just make sure they’re all copyright-free for commercial use!

I know you’re not looking for feedback, but these changes will make them look a million times better!
Anyway, keep up the good work and good luck with selling! :smiley:


Thanks so much! I appreciate your feedback. :smile:
Edit: Also, on the second one, I actually forgot the blur. :joy:

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This topic would go in the #collaboration:portfolios section of the forum since you are offering the service of custom icons. The market place is used for selling pre made assets, not custom assets. Just want to get that straight.

Ok. I’m relatively new to the forum, so how would I move this?

Press edit and then you should see this screen:

click on the top left button and find the category you’re looking for.

Ok, thank you! I made an edit and moved it.

Some nice work you got there! Good luck on your journey.

Thank you! :smile:


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