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About Me

Hey! I’m Tripp, a GFX Designer. I have been doing GFX for almost a year and a half (with a hiatus for a few months). I am trying to rise up from that hiatus and I found the DevForum and Twitter could help me a lot. I wish to start a base on DevForum and rise up. Currently, I do fashion and scene GFX. I am more experienced in fashion, but I’m a beginner scene designer. This is my portfolio that includes my best work.


These are the best of my work:



Scene Renders



I am available on weekdays on these times:

Monday - 4:30 PM CST to 9:15 PM CST
Tuesday - 4:30 PM CST to 9:15 PM CST (Not available on January 28th)
Wednesday - 4:30 PM CST to 6:45 PM CST, 8:15 PM CST to 9:15 PM CST
Thursday - 4:30 PM CST to 9:15 PM CST
Friday - 4:30 PM CST to 10:30 PM CST

I am available on the weekends at these times:

Saturday - 8:30 AM CST to 10:30 PM CST
Sunday - 8:30 AM CST to 9:15 PM CST

Please be aware that these are expected to change according to my schedule in the upcoming weeks.


Prices are semi-negotiable. The payment method I use is shirts only. This is my commission sheet:


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, on Twitter, or on Discord. I prefer Discord. DevForum: @trzippy Twitter: @infoskies1 Discord: tripp#6572

Commissions Status

Comms are currently CLOSED to anyone who would like to order, DM me on Discord. This is the trello board where I keep track of my commissions: Trello


Cheap/Affordable Prices and Exceptional Work, Definitely recommend!!


thank you kind sir :star_struck: :crazy_face:


Good quality work paired with a great price! Wouldn’t want to miss out! Keep up the good work! :hidere:


Contacted. EternalCanadianDev#1541

Dude ping me when you OPEN commissions again. I’d like a Scene Render.

I would 100% recommend, excellent service at a cheap price would definitely hire again! For the price you cant fault! :star::star::star::star::star:

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