Portfolios Category

I first want to apologies if by posting this topic in the incorrect category however, the purpose of this topic is just to talk about regards to the Portfolio category as it is used to showcase developers creations as well as selling assets and developers as professionals.

I believe the replies in this topic is drifting further off-topic and to have find multiple replies (which i will not name for the protection of those who may have misunderstood), to go against this:

Do not insult other people’s work or opportunity, just politely decline their offer. Disputes should be handled in private messages.

As well as:

How should I reply to portfolios?
You can reply to a portfolio to show support for the developer’s work or that they have completed work for you successfully. Keep your posts on-topic and short!

It is possible to flag these posts to be off-topic but I have two concerns regarding to why I have been avoiding this feature in this category. The first being that I believe it is apparent that users on this form are not aware their posts go against the two mentioned. Whilst also it is not directly mentioned the users cannot mention anything regards to improving the developers creations and/or the price they’re offering. This contradicts my first reasoning but this is the point of this topic.

I believe the rules in regards to the Portfolio category needs to be refreshed and I am more in favor of making this category stricter in terms of what you can reply. The reason why I believe it should be made stricter is the already established categories like #development-discussion, #development-support:building-support, #development-discussion:cool-creations, #development-support:scripting-support and #lounge:roblox-discussion.

While as you may gather I am not 100% sure these go against the rules in the topic but if by assuming I am correct. a lot of users who reply in this topic are likely not aware as the replies keep appearing and the old replies do not get removed/temporarily deleted because not a lot of people are flagging these replies. I am one of them but that is why the rules in this category will need to be refreshed and altogether structure a new one so that users like me and others can fully comprehend the Dos and Don’ts to reply.

Replies in terms of improving the developers creation or arguing the price is too high is actually damaging than it being considered to support the developer. This will come off rude or at least for me but If a developer wanted feedback they would have or should have posted it in the feedback category or the other categories already mentioned. In fact the reason why providing feedback to a portfolio is damaging is because you found or identified a flaw. This same goes for their pricing. However posting the flaw in public is damaging because (arguably) the worth of that developer decreases in which a client is more likely going to hire someone whose had no flaw(s) posted. Furthermore that flaw could be subjective meaning the value of that build is higher than the one individual who has criticized it. However without the individual who criticized acknowledgement it also lowers that individuals who believed it was good and could possibly find a different developer.

I will admit it is nice to gain feedback but I believe these should be removed in this category as well as arguing the price which if its not posted on the other categories you can message the developer directly which is crucial information that they can use to improve their development.

I want to hear if anyone has suffered this issue and believe the rules should be refreshed but while I would like to hear against, other suggestions or, other issues that this category has in context to the users replies.