Poseidon Underwater Resort & Spa Demotion Appeal Form


Poseidon Underwater Demotion Appeal Form

All information may be changed in all time. It’s better to read this document weekly as there is no reminder of changing. Only major changing will be announced.

So you've been demoted, have you? If you believe you have been demoted wrongfully, please fill out this form!

  1. What is the username of the person that demoted you?

  2. Who approved your demotion?

  3. What was the reason of your demotion?

  4. Do you have any proof of you being wrongfully demoted?

  5. What is your appealing statement?

  6. Do you have proof of any reason to believe you were wrongfully demoted?

  7. What was your old rank?

  8. What is your new rank?

  9. Anything else to add?

Please send this form to either @QUACK_Bread101 on devforum or @QUACK#0001 on discord.

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