Position models?

im looking for something similar to assembly on SolidWorks, if that’s familiar to any of you.

I’m looking for a method to position models relative to other objects, like clicking faces similarly to resize align to move entire models to be perfectly aligned with other models or surroundings. Is there a plugin for this, or a method existing within Studio? Thanks!


So you want for example a brick to be placed up against another brick? For this method I use the following but there are reasons it might not work.

How To!

How to do it:

Method one:

  • Turn Collision on
  • Then move it to the part till it won’t go anymore

Method two:

  • You can use a spacer block (any normal block) to find the diference
  • Place it to one size
  • Then go to properties
  • Find the length of the block
  • Then put that in the move distance
  • Then move there like in a grid pattern or checker board

Miss use

Why it might not work:
So if there are bricks inside of bricks like they go into each other it might not move. You can solve that by measuring the distance to it and take a direct path. Then turn collision of and move to that direct path like a grid or a checker board.

I hope this helped if you have any more questions please ask, thanks from John! :smiley:

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