Possible Server-side memory leak

Each server in my game has wildly different pings ever since my last update. I noticed latency issue in my test server before release but didn’t think much of it. Some servers are as low as .2 second ping while others may reach up to a 3 second ping. I suspect this to be a memory leak. What are some methods I can use to diagnose this issue?


The developer console will show you exactly how much memory is used in what areas, and will show you the information for server memory if you have access to it (same requirements for running arbitrary server code). Start from there.

Honestly, I don’t think this is an issue with anything in your game, some of Roblox’s servers just have bad ping, which started occurring again recently. Like for me, even sometimes rejoining the exact same reserved server instance will greatly change my ping. For example I join a hockey server of mine, and have 600+ ping. I then rejoin the lobby and then teleport back to the same hockey server and my ping drops to 100. Its seems to be an issue with the client connecting to the server on roblox’s end.

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I wasn’t sure how to interpret the numbers in the “server stats” tab. Is “Memory” the total memory used or the total memory left.

“Memory” is the total memory used. You can look at the specific numbers per stat through the console.

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How will I know if I’m approaching the memory limit?

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I’m not sure what the memory limit is. This may be what you’re looking for? I’m unsure.