Possible ways to make mobile optimizations and every device more stable on a big game?

Hi, I have a VERY LARGE RP map that is meant for roleplaying and shooting games and whatnot. I would like to know to know what’s the best script to use when it comes down to large map and large tools (especially if you’re on a device that cannot games). Also, is there a way to refresh the memory on Roblox since it’s exceeding the limit? AND is there any scripts that can do ping reduction? Here’s pics of my game:

If you guys have any tips, please let me know!

Also from the screenshot POVs, it may not look as big but when you zoom out of the map, it’s double the size.

I would say there are not much “safe” optimizations (other than implementing some sort of graphical settings) based on what I am seeing from the amount of scripts in the image.

There are huge optimizations you can do such as client-side rendering + StreamingEnabled but that would involve adjusting every script that works on the physical stuff.

Also, there is no way for us to know what you have going on with your scripts, and if they’re running at optimal rates.

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