Possibly in need of a Mesher! [Pay would be in Robux]



Greetings! So a little background on this, I’ve been making a bowling simulator game for a long time, and this idea just hit me. Right now, I’m using a bowling ball mesh that’s really just a sphere, but that mesh is compatible with all these bowling ball textures I’ve collected.

What I’m looking for

I would be in need of a bowling ball mesh, that has all 3 holes in it, but the finger holes would be white finger tip grips. I will provide you with an image of what that looks like. With that being said, one other detail is that I would need this bowling ball to be compatible with the bowling textures I have, so like, if I try to put one of my textures on this mesh, it would wrap around it pretty good. Maybe not perfect, but I’d like it to be close. Again, I will provide you with an image of what the texture looks like. One other detail I would like, is if there’s any way to give the ball some shine over the texture. Right now, there’s really no shine or gloss on the balls I use, and I’m not actually sure if this is possible due to Roblox not really having shaders or any of that. So if this isn’t possible to do, no worries.

Image Links

The bowling ball texture:

An image of a bowling ball with white finger tip grips: https://gyazo.com/49c5a2c3d4df05d4683719be22e6855d

A little side note, I’m aware that if this is possible to create that I would actually need to modify the textures a bit so the finger holes are not there.


This is negotiable. I have no idea if what I just said in this post is even possible to create, but if it is, you could tell me what you think would be fair for this. I’d be flexible with the price, so just let me know what you think.


If you’d be interested in making this, preferably you could send me a private message on these forums, or on Roblox, or you could even reply just on this thread and I could reply to you from there. I do have a Discord, which is Simply_Dev, if you’d prefer to friend me on there and talk over that. Thanks for reading!


Sure!, add me in Discord: DJBrianL#2962


I sent! It should be from, “Simply_Dev”.


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