Post Approval - Boost speed request

Hello everyone!

I’d just like to give a request for boost speed on ‘Post Approval’ team. I already gave a request to them for sending a thread inside community resources category 3 days ago and I haven’t even received a reply on it. Even though 8 members of Post Approval team has seen my request, we have to take down 2 views because of me and the system who sent a message that the Post Approval team has to review my thread (that’s the only reply). I am not really in the mood to wait weeks so my request is going to be approved so that’s why I am sending this request to boost this team somehow.


I don’t know what they are doing but it looks like that they only take a look at it and they just leave it alone for days or even weeks because if they would care I would get at least one reply. I don’t have anything against this team but I’d just like to not wait days or weeks for my request to be approved. :herb:

Post approval can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a week or more. We try to process requests as fast as possible, however please take into consideration that it is volunteer work, currently the Christmas period, and that bug reports are prioritised over community resources.

We’ll take a look at your request shortly.


Well in the laws it says from 10 minutes to a few days which doesn’t mean weeks or even more? I do understand that maybe every one of you is very busy right now and that this is volunteer work but it would be more respectful to new members to just even receive a reply on a request, so we will know if there is anything missing and so it won’t go inside a loop, for example, any one of you reply to us something is missing inside a thread we fix the thread and then no reply for weeks again and we will have to wait then months. Thank you every one of you for taking your time for a review at my request. :herb:

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I don’t think we’ve had any requests go over a month or anywhere close to it. Generally most requests are resolved within a few days, however if there are a lot of changes needing to be made, the topic needs to be discussed further, or it’s a period where multiple PA members may be unavailable then it can take longer.

Our attention has been focused on clearing the backlog from the Christmas period. With less team members than normal the inbox fills up. We have to prioritise requests, and unfortunately this means things which aren’t bug reports or feature requests can be left for a longer period of time. Especially with community resource requests it’s hard to provide feedback on the topic without first opening studio, using the resource, inspecting the source, and then following up.

We’re getting close to clearing the inbox so hopefully everyone who has existing requests should be getting followed up with shortly.

We try to be as quick as possible though. Hopefully you have a better experience next time outside of a holiday period. :slightly_smiling_face:


It has been proposed (again) not so long ago to speed up the post approval process:

While the title may concern posting bug reports, the post actually suggests improving post approval time.

Please search for existing topics/proposals before posting your own.

I don’t know about you mate but the Post Approval team also celebrates Christmas and you sent your request right before Xmas where everyone’s busy. I recommend you stop dehumanizing the PA team since they’re also human and are volunteers that have a life outside of the DevForum.


Well, to be honest, I mention everywhere that I am sixteen, I don’t really have life and I am hard-working type which means that I work at least 12 hours every day. Christmas day is like a normal working day to me also it would be appreciated if there would be a pinned reason for taking that long to PA send a reply on the request because I might get confused by the time. I am sorry for interrupting any of the AP team, have a nice Christmas. :herb: :christmas_tree:

Closing due to request being unreasonable