Post approvals are NOT responding/approving my threads

Since im a New Member, threads that i want make in some categories require the Post Approval approvation, well, right now i’m not recieving messages from any Post Approval, i’m waiting for about 4 days to have a respond of a message. I sent 3 Bugs/Suggestions threads which requires approval. I hope any Post Approval member see this. I don’t know if something from my settings is doing this. Thanks for reading :+1:


Post approval can take up to a week if the request volume is high. They are currently a bit backlogged, it should clear out soon enough.

When your posts are approved, they are posted with the timestamp at which they were approved, and staff / other forum members will see them just like regular topics. It generally does not matter whether bug reports and feature requests are posted now or a few days later, because Roblox engineering does not schedule work on that granular of a time scale.

Thanks for your patience!