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All I can say is make sure the music you’re uploading is royalty-free or has a Creative Commons license of some sort. If it doesn’t explicitly say the music isn’t copyrighted or under a CC license where you got the music, you cannot use it.


Any copyrighted music can be bad, since you can get copyrighted or a DMCA, I’m sure.

I recommend you use only Roblox official uploaded songs, or I recommend this: NoCopyrightSounds. They are a YouTube channel and you can download their songs. Just remember to credit the creator and NCS for releasing it.

Also, do what @Intended_Pun said. It is recommended all songs has CC license or is royalty-free. By doing that, your chances of getting copyrighted are probably near 0.


If you don’t want to run into this problem again in the future… don’t upload songs you don’t own?

Pretty cut and dry.


That’s what the search bar is for. Rules around IP have been given clarity countless times and you are capable of doing your own research so there’s no excuse for not knowing, amateur or not. The announcements that have been made should give you a sufficient enough understanding of how things roll around here.

Announcements regarding audio copyright here. I did the search so you didn't have to.

In terms of the issue you’re experiencing, this isn’t just some kind of selective randomness that it’s portrayed to be. An active request for takedown of something needs to be put forth. The difference between a copyrighted song that’s claimed and one that isn’t depends on the circumstances of acquisition as well as the desires of the licensor and whether an active takedown request for that asset has been placed or not.

Roblox does not police content and they don’t assume the circumstances behind legal issues between you (the licensee) and a licensor, there needs to be something for them to reference in order to take action and avoid moderating legitimate assets (which can, unless otherwise stated, be disputed).

Credit isn’t sufficient enough, you have to respect the license too. It seems that you’ve run into an asset that you’re unable to use on the site, so use something else.

I’m not quite sure what kind of responses you were expecting here other than you need to go out and do your own research before asking questions like this, so that you’re ready to go with information on hand rather than going in blindly. We aren’t staff so we can’t tell you if Roblox moderated your assets incorrectly. Dispute that with support.

If you don’t want to run into this problem again, don’t upload songs you don’t own. It’s really that simple.


Because the copyright holder may not have complained yet about those songs that don’t get taken down. Roblox doesn’t take down songs unless the copyright holder complains / has complained before.

It doesn’t make it more or less legal when they’re not taken down. If you don’t own the song, you are breaking copyright, and breaking the law.

There are plenty of free music libraries available online. Using others’ content without their permission because you’re an amateur developer is not a reasonable excuse anymore (if it ever was).