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but… that’s literally just a normal datastore with the userid as a key


It’s much easier for beginners because it already has PCalls in the Module. Most beginners don’t know how to use PCalls.

Yeah… what purpose does this hold between just using a normal datastore? You can “test” datastores with just a pcall.

Also, the name is confusing, I was hoping it’d give info about a user, like how old their acc is in days, their profile description, etc.

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Is there a reason to use this over DataStore2 or ProfileService, I find the former being beginner-friendly as well.

I thought I should take a look at the source code


btw this makes 2 separate GET requests, just because it might have been successful in the pcall doesn’t mean it will always be successful going forwards without pcall.

You also might want to take advantage of typed Luau. Annotations are ready to be used in production code.


DataStoreService:GetDataStore never throws an exception.

By the way if your module isn’t object-oriented (it isn’t, all your module does is wrap functions in pcall) then : has no business there. You aren’t using self so there is no reason for :.

And what is so hard about pcall(data_store.GetAsync, data_store, key)?


Except clearly you don’t know because you’re not using them correctly. This is literally just the DataStore API with an unused pcall and print statements. In fact I’d venture to say it’s somehow worse than using it barebones as it makes multiple requests for no reason.

Side note, return nil is pointless

When editing a local file, GetDataStore will error.

(and also passing incorrect arguments will cause an error, but that isn’t very important)

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Your ProfileData module is seemingly useless. It does the same thing, nothing special. You have no special methods that will proof useful for us and I don’t see any reason for this to be special for beginners.


  • Your way of getting data and saving it is really simple and basic, nothing special.
  • High chances of throttling because of the way you get/save them.
  • Bad practices.

Even though you said that it makes storing Data more simple, it doesn’t.