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So I have been working on a Snowy Rock asset and I want some feedback, is it good or bad?


  • I’m trying to achieve a greatly detailed snowy rock. :white_check_mark:
  • I’m not that confident that this is looking good enough to be called “Ready for the wild”. :x:
  • Stuff to help me majorly improve is marked as a solution. :white_check_mark:
    poll for robux price:
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Link to game:


If you’re looking to add snow to objects made of Parts, typically the best looking and quickest method is to copy over the rock, raise it like .1-.3 studs above the rock, and colour it like snow.

Right now you’re over-shooting with the Parts, making it look like patchwork, not like real snow.


Thanks for helping me find better ways to improve, I will mark as a solution!


Personally, I don’t find the rock very nice looking. I have always found meshes to look better. But for a Studio model, looks nice!


Then please mark it on the poll.

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I would, but I wouldn’t say it doesn’t have “too little detail”, I think it has detail, just not appealing to me.

Mark your opinion as what you think it would rank on the poll. Unless there is no option that describes it.

The rock that you made has textures on the same plane and with different orientations, which makes the textures z-fight. Consider moving some up and down.

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sorry @KawaiiX_Jimin, people have outvoted you on the poll, but thank you for your honest opinion!

I think the detail is enough just that it looks way to patchy. I suggest making the rock in blender but thats u p to you

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if you thought it was too patchy why did you vote “Perfect detail!” on the poll then?

The rocks have a very irregular shape.

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@Ridgeon @chaugen1 @lau2971 and @Lolaphobia, redo your vote now. my vote won’t be there anymore.

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I voted on the poll a ‘Meh’, and I figured that I should also give feedback on why I gave that rating, but anyways, here I go. This is what I believe need to be improved, so maybe consider it but don’t think it is the most important message of 2019.

  1. Snow doesn’t cover as much as it could
    I notice that on the bird’s eye view of the rock, you can see plenty of places that might have snow cover on it. Not the sides, but the top left area of the 2nd image you notice that there is no snow on it. It feels that snow should cover that area. In addition, the depth of the snow on the rock looks like there was maybe a dusting, or an inch or two of snow.

  2. The rock is too jagged (and too smooth in other areas)
    Looking at the other images of the rock, I notice some parts are extremely jagged (based off the 3rd image). If it has snow cover, it usually means it has been exposed to the elements and should wear down the rock. And on the other side, it is quite smooth, especially in contrast to the 3rd image. So I recommend you balance them.

Anyways, it is a good foundation for a rock, but I believe it needs to be polished up a bit. Keep up the good work though, I most likely can’t create things in nature like trees and rocks.


@ImAFatGuyLoLoL I will take this to consideration

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i did it based on amount of detail, not the style

oh ok

Here’s the thing. I like your rock, but the snow is really messing it up. It isn’t smooth and from the picture, it looks very glitchy. I highly recommend using blender. Use blender 2.8. It’s easy to learn the controls, and you can model a rock quick and easily. For example, I modeled this rock.

It wasn’t hard at all to model, since it’s a small and simple of an asset to make, and you can easily cover the top or the sides, or whatever with snow! Only a single youtube tutorial about making a snow covered item is all you need. You can download blender 2.8 here.

If you desperately want to do this in roblox studio, maybe try coloring the rock just plain white with the Slate texture. I can’t really think of another way to make a snowy rock in roblox studio.

Hope everything helps and Goodluck!

I voted Meh and I’d like to give you suggestions to make it looks better,
1)Move a bit the snow, the snow and the rock are z-fighting which makes it looks extremely glitchy
2) Some sides are not covered with snow when they can be easily covered with snow in real life
Meanwhile some others which aren’t really likely to get snow on are covered
Example: Screenshot_20191110-075214_Chrome

Hope I could help and I’m willing to change my vote if I see some improvement

The snow looks like it’s clipping through the rock. It would look better if you made the snow a layer on top of the rock.