Potential Weld Problem

I’m trying to add something in my game where players can pick up other players who were knocked down. This has been done many times in a variety of games, but for some reason when I do it, it’s buggy. When I first start up the server and pick up the other player, it works flawlessly, but when the dropped player dies and respawns or both players die and respawn, it starts to be a bit buggy.

When I first started up the server: https://gyazo.com/fad521f9c25f32c15220b3ac241a2d33

The second time after both players died: https://gyazo.com/01c9dad6cabcc710a6907d42b9f92ddb

In the second gif, rather than the downed player being moved to my arm, my character is moved to the downed player, causing me to sink into the group or fall over, and after picking the player up, inputs are delayed (pressing W takes longer to move my character). This input delay continues until I drop the player.

Note: This bugginess only occurs every other respawn. For example, if I start up the server, it works. When both players die, it bugs. If both players then die again, it works again, etc.

Anyone know a potential fix for this? Essentially, I’m just using a weld to connect 2 players, one player stuck in the PlatformStanding state.

The reason why this is happening is because there is confusion about network ownership whenever the players’ characters reset, somehow.

You should try setting the network ownership of the player being picked up to the player that is doing the picking up, from the server, since it wouldn’t work on the client.
You will probably also need to set the player that was picked up’s network ownership back to itself after the player is dropped again.

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Thanks so much! That fixed the problem.

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Mark his as a solution if it worked.