Practice Logo I made

Give me some feedback on what you think about this please!


The logo is really good, if I has roblox, I wanted to ask for a logo :open_mouth:

(And good watermark, in all of image)

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Sure you can order send me your discord and I will add you but I have to go to school tomorrow so it will have to wait

It’s pretty good! The background feels a bit dark though.

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The background should be a bit brighter, and the text/explosion vectors would be better as a text logo placed in the corner rather than being huge in the center.

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I think its a logo not a thumbnail lol

Isn’t that what I’m suggesting?

No uhh what I meant was like I think the background is just a substitute or else it probably would be more showcased but if not then I agree with u to move the middle part

Oh, I see what you’re saying. The background is misleading and it makes it look like a thumbnail.