Practicing on detailing builds, want feedback on window

Hey! Thanks for being curious enough to click on my post, anyway…
I’ve been trying to practice my skill at detailing buildings and models.
I just spent a few minutes making this window, feedback would be appreciated.


Well better than every window but i dont have alot to say sooo…
i like it!


Nice! I like that there’s two outlines for the window. (don’t know what they’re called!) It really makes it look better & more realistic. Maybe you could try one with a lock on it? Make it look like it can open.


Hmm, I’ll think how I can implement that lock idea without making it look weird or out of place, anyway, thank you very much for the feedback!

I like it! Try making the window color a lighter shade of blue and add a .1 reflectancy. Other than that, it looks great!

So, like this?


Looks good to me. You can try changing the material to glass if your going for realism, but the only drawback for glass is that water will not show up through it. Anyways just keep developing and you’l get better and better.

never mind you just changed it to glass

good job

The thing is, the material is glass?

Looks good, kind of plain though.

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I personally use smooth plastic, and not the glass texture with those settings.

How about this?

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Maybe add a neon light in the glass, if it for something in a building. something like this i made for my school.

Keep up the good work! if it a realistic window, make it a little darker. like the color black!

Thanks for the help! I’m thinking of gaining practice on detailing builds to start detailing post apocalyptic themed buildings.

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Give it .75 transparency and It’ll be perfect

It’s good, maybe try using textures and decals, you could also add like a latch or h”hatch” to make it more realistic. Overall looks great so far!