{Pre-Job Post} Upcoming Project For an SCP Group (SCP International)

Hello! Im a game developer with a game idea. It is an SCP game simmilar to Dont Look Up. I have an entire page made for when I hire developers. Im just going to let people know ahead of this opportunity for the future.

SCP International Job.
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This is a custom logo, please dont use it for yourself

Some jobs that may be available

  • Modeler %5 (Paid Untill 20k Robux Achieved)
  • Sound Effect Designer %20 (Paid Untill 40k Robux Achieved)
  • Editor %20 (Paid Till 50k Robux Achieved)
  • Programmer %30 (Paid Till 90k Robux Achieved)
  • Animator %15 (Paid Untill 40k Robux Achieved)
  • Voice Actors - 250rbx/1$ per line (10-25 words)
  • Me (Builder) %5
  • Secondary Builder %5 (Untill 20k Robux Achieved)

Job Requierments

  • Be able to use editing programs to help edit things in game like cutscenes and UI

  • Be able to help with making the game trailer

  • Be able to edit stuff with photoshop to give UI and other visual elements a better look (Edit my UI and or Visuals)

  • Be able to work together with the Programmer and Animator to efficiently create cutscenes

  • Be able to take clips and turn it into one seamless video

  • Be able to edit audio produced by the sound effects artist/composer and our Voice Actors

  • 12+ and comfortable with listening to other peoples voices

  • Kind, mature and trustworthy

  • Create compelling visuals (Flickering lights, loading screens on electronics)

  • Able to script cutscenes. This includes camera motion and visual effects (Sun glares, screen bobbing etc)

  • Able to scripted sound effects for certain events (10 seconds into game sound effect 1 plays etc)

  • Able to script a story system (Play to load into game)

  • Able to script a loading system (Calculates loaded assets for better game experience when loaded in)

  • Able to script character animations (Walk when normal, Shift = sprint, C = crouch etc)

  • Able to script timers (If not within x zone by 20 sec countdown, kill player)

  • Able to script extra story features (If player has gamepass, unlock part 2-10)

  • Kind, mature and trustworthy

  • Create character animations

  • Create gun animations

  • Animate cutscenes

  • Animate models

  • Animate character movement

  • Animate objects ( When open animate laptop face to open) (Characters hand pulls open laptop etc)

  • Basically Animate whatever we need you to animate (Example(s) will be provided upon applying)

  • Kind, mature and trustworthy

  • Model a gun(s)

  • Model props (Computers, Terminals, Characters, Clothing etc)

  • Model cars

  • Model assets (Hats, Vests, Chairs, Ammunition Rounds etc)

  • Model anything we need basically. (Example(s) will be provided upon applying)

  • Kind, mature and trustworthy

Sound Effects Artist/Composer
  • Specialize in using various softwares and recording methods

  • Be able to create flawless sounds

  • Have a wide creative range (Gun shots to walking, zippers, Breathing and running)

  • Design sound effects for the main menu (Music)

  • Help with game trailer

  • Design game into Sound (Example(s) will be provided upon applying)

  • Kind, mature and trustworthy

  • Create loading sounds (Booting up sounds for electronics etc)

Voice Actor(s)
  • Able to maintain character while being recorded

  • Send all voice recordings to our Editor

  • Be comfortable with sharing your voice to select people and having it used in game

  • Be over the age of 14-18 depending on voiced character age

- Note None of the voice recordings will go to me until the publishing of the project. I will listen to your terms (If you want the voice to only go to the editor, If you wish to edit it if you don’t wish to share your voice with the team etc) I respect my team members privacy and that voice actors sometimes don’t want everyone to hear there voice if they don’t need to

Contact me for any feedback you wish to give on the idea or if you wish to apply.