Pre-RDC Username Change

Curious about how username changes are handled at this point, being so close to RDC. If someone who is already invited (and filled out their current name in the forms) changes their name, is it possible to get that change on their RDC lanyard, etc?

Real life name changes or username changes?

Username changes, I’ll update post.

If you’ve already been accepted, and reserved a ticket, then you can probably contact DevRel to see if they can change it. If not, then you should be able to change the lanyard yourself if you want to.

Hi, I had a similar issue where I changed my old username to this current one. If you do nothing they’ll just give you a lanyard with your old username and nothing else really happens, no issues or anything as one of the other people in my game jam team had this exact same scenario.

I on the other hand just emailed RDC support to say that I had changed my name, very simple, they just update your details on their behalf and it’s all done and sorted!