Premium payouts issue

My friend released a game around a month ago. On his developer stats it says that he is making robux and I read somewhere that premium payouts come in daily. However, he does not have any robux pending in his group revenue table which are coming from ‘Group Premium Payouts’.

Any idea why this happens?

Well, from what I have read, you receive premium payouts monthly. For example, you earn Premium Payouts on April 1st and get them on April 29th.

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Quote from the site:

How this works

  • Premium playtime score is calculated daily based off the amount of time Roblox Premium subscribers spend playing your game.
  • Premium playtime Robux earned depends on your Premium playtime score, and is calculated over a 28-day window.
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Oh I see hmm if you are right then everything is fine.

Thanks a bunch for clarifying.

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No problem! Always check the official roblox stats first :wink:

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