Premium Prompt Concept

Hello, I have recently made a premium prompt concept and I love some feedback
Better Version


Looks really good! The only thing I would change would be the text font on the robux/month, it looks a little low quality compared to everything else. Try gotham.
This text: image

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Yea. I realize that and still decide to edit it but I couldn’t really find a good font to change it :frowning:

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Also make the text size of 450/month match the others. And keep the current font.


Avoid making close buttons with text, a 90* cross is better than a letter X, which is not 90*, other than that’s it’s a really good prompt.

In this diagram you can clearly see that the intersection of the X is about 110*, while the cross has a flat intersection of 90*

People prefer symmetry in icons, since you’re making icons which are read not as text and are square

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Looks really nice, @Roblox take notes xD

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