Presentation of my difficulty chart obby

Hi there! I am making a difficulty chart who are called “Azerty’s difficulty chart obby” ( You can also call it ADCO )
There are currently 225 level ( Effortless to Average ) and 9 difficulties.
What do you think of my DCO?

The link is here: Azerty's Difficulty Chart Obby - Roblox

I think:
The same as other obbies, not really original.

We should get a link to play the game in order for us to rate it.

Same here.

I would recommend you adding something that would make your obby unique from other.


As stated in other post, you did not include a link to the game. For anyone who wishes to play the game and provide feedbacks, here’s the link to it:

You may want to fix your checkpoint system as it did not record any of the checkpoints I reached. When I reset my character, it gets teleported right back to the lobby.