Pretty decent graphic designs

I like the scene! I feel as if the gun placement according to the hand is a bit low? I presume the muzzle flash is the focus element of the this GFX but I recommend having the characters face in focus as well? It looks great! :smiley:

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The Only Problem I have with it is the Position with the gun. You could move the gun a little closer to the screen so I gives you that “In Your Face” Effect.
Overall, it’s a good looking GFX! Keep it up!


The body parts/shirts look too shiny, the lighting is off and the shirt is very blurry. Other than that, sick GFX! :smiley:

Did you use Chicago 1949 map here?

Someone told me this before but apparently its not allowed to ask for x/10 anymore but I could be wrong. It looks cool but the gunshot feels of and you need to work on the clothing. Also you should probably watermark your graphic designs because you never know what kind of people are out there.

8/10, nice work! However I think the focus on the first GFX could be changed a little. If a face is included in a GFX (not blank), it should be clear to look at in my opinion. Again it is just subjective though, some may like it the way you designed it which is perfectly fine. :slight_smile:

The second GFX has a bit of a strange feeling to it. Probably because in one GFX the character has a face and in the other it doesn’t.
Overall pretty solid Graphic design!

5/10. The first GFX is kind of pixelated. The car is just flat and super bright. The gun bullet thing just doesn’t look right to me and the face is also very shiny. For the second GFX the ‘‘Nike’’ logo is VERY pixelated and doesn’t look good at all. Also, the jacket is way too shiny. Overall, it’s pretty great!

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Then it would need less lighting, I’m not really seeing night. Just giving you some honest feedback.

Yeah I know I didn’t put a watermark because this isn’t for anyone, not getting paid at all so it really doesn’t matter if I put it on these ones.

6/10 because in the first picture the car’s material seems a bit off, maybe if you turn it into a metal it will look better. Adding effects makes a lot of difference, as well as some text. Otherwise I think you did great, keep the good work up! :smile:

Just wanted to inform you, that you aren’t allowed to make topics on

Anyways moving on topic. That’s a pretty good gfx. Did you make this in blender?

Also I recommend using PBR materials if you’re going for a realistic look, it will make such a huge difference.

Yeah I made it in blender I lightly edited the gfx. Thanks for telling me that rule, didn’t know.

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It was a free model from the toolbox, everything except for the character model is a free model, didn’t feel like building. I’m lazy I know ;-;

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Well what can I do to fix it? Using blender for this btw.

Don’t know where the pixlated parts are except for the nike logo.

When I was rendering it, I didn’t notice the face was missing until I seen it and it was taking a while to render so I didn’t want to re-render.

Idk whether the man should hold the guns handle or not, it seems like he didn’t even pull the trigger :slightly_smiling_face: Anyway, it’s pretty nice.

It’s roblox so there is no hands…

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Ah… I see
If I did that I probably would’ve just given up