Prevent music less then 2 seconds from being played on radio?

as you all know there is a severe problem on roblox involving certain audios being able to crash games
If you didn’t know I script a game about radios and testing audio but have been seeing people abuse these “crash audios” and ruining servers, but what i saw is that the crash audio they play tends to be a loud sound the lasts about less then a second that keeps repeating until it completely crashes the server, so i though “hey what if i edit the script to check how long the timelength of the audio is and if its less then 2 or 1 second then it kicks the player”, i say that because of crash audios tending to be sounds that are distorted that last about less than a second, can anyone help me with this, also i want this to work with the golden super fly boombox.

You are correct; you can check Sound.TimeLength before playing the audio.

i know how i would edit the script check if the sound is less then 2 seconds but im confused as to where i would put it

You would check it before you play the sound.

okay lemme try to edit the script

i got it to work, using an if statement that checks if the audio is less then 2 seconds with Sound.TimeLength, thanks!