Prevent The Build Tools' Handle Sizes Changing With Camera FOV

This has been discussed before (as a bug report), but was 2 years ago and as obviously nothing has been done about it I’d like to bring it up again.

If for whatever reason I need to build with the Studio camera FOV set to a small angle, the process is made impossible by the studio build tool handles obscuring my view to a ridiculous extent.

This is the size that it’d nice if they stayed at.

Instead of this utterly useless size.

Please can the handles be scaled according to the distance of the camera from the object and the FOV, so that they stay at the same relative size.


I would put this in Feature Requests to be honest, since this is just the same view with a smaller viewing angle, it’s technically not wrong. The axes handles are supposed to be bigger when your camera is further away, which it is in your example screenshot due to low FOV.

Thanks, I changed it.

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