Prevent welded parts follow parts position

So I want to prevent welded parts from following the part position that has been moved. I would like to know if there was any other weld that wouldn’t move with the parts that are welded to the part.

If you are doing this using a script, I would disable the weld, move the part, then enable the weld again. I would do something like this:

local part1 = game.Workspace.Part1
local part2 = game.Workspace.Part2
local weld = part.Part1ToPart2 --Part2 is the part getting moved

weld.Enabled = false

part2:MoveTo(1,1,1) --Just an example of how this could be used, replace with move stuff

weld.Enabled = true
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Did this work for you? If you need to move it in studio just manually enable and disable the weld.

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