Preventing copies of my unreleased game

Hey, so I’m working on a real time strategy game called Deterrence, which is unreleased, and I made a Discord and group for it where I show off some of the development updates as a teaser.

Recently a Youtuber made a video on my game and over a thousand people joined my game group and Discord. Now several accounts have copied my place thumbnail, place description, and icon, and are selling the game for Robux, when my game isn’t even released. These clones can be found here, here, here, and here.

They didn’t even bother to remove my group from the description, which is clearly owned by me, and you can find the game on my profile.

I will soon see if I can file for trademark to prevent further occurrences, I warned my community through Discord about these scam games but unfortunately a lot of people from this random Youtube video have been scammed by these accounts, and I don’t want people making money off my assets, exploiting the fact the actual game isn’t finished yet. I never wanted this publicity so early in its development.

What should I do to stop this?


File DMCA Reports, it looks like filing DMCA Reports, and warning about it is the best course of action right now for you.

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