Preventing Humanoids Health from going to 0

I am hoping to prevent the humanoids health from going to 0 and the state changing to died. In other words, I am hoping to prevent the humanoids health from even reaching 0 and staying above it. This will be a key feature for my ragdoll system I have in place for my game. Currently when a players health reaches zero, their joints will not break but they will respawn after reaching the respawn time.

Not sure how I am supposed to do this nor what would be necessary to change for it. If anyone has any form of solution to achieve this, I am all ears. Yes I have already disabled breakjoints on death and requires neck.

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Whenever you are making damaging script then you can check for health.
For example.

local damage = 10 -- The damage 
local humanoid = character.Humanoid -- The character humanoid.

local formula = (humanoid.Health - damage) -- Before dealing damage we will substract health with the damage

if formula <= 5 then return end -- If player gets damage then after damage is delt then it will check if their health is 5 or below then it will not continue.
humanoid:TakeDamage(damage) -- If health is more than 5 then it player will take damage.

To disable died state then you can do

Humanoid:SetStateEnabled(Enum.HumanoidStateType.Dead, false)

I believe the latter needs to be set on the server and on the client as setting a state’s enabled-ness does not replicate across the client-server boundary, I assume this is necessary as there are both server scripts and local scripts listening to the humanoid’s state.

Did you try changing the Respawn Time property or Character Auto Loads in Players