Preventing lagging

I’m building a game with 5 players. The plots are extremely far apart and they can have builds up to 700 blocks each. I’m scared that if all 5 players load in a build, it would still lag.

Would this happen? If so, what’s the best way to fix the lag?

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It really depends on what a “block” is in your context. If you mean Part instances, that’s only 3500 extra Parts, which is a fraction of what would typically cause performance issues.

You can try this out yourself by adding in 3500 “blocks” into your game and seeing how this affects performance.

Remember, we cannot fully tell you how your game’s performance will be like. We can give info and tips, but at the end of the day you have to test it yourself.


If they’re extremely far apart you can look into StreamingEnabled. It’ll stop rendering stuff after a certain distance (you can change the distance).

Also if you have any blocks that players can place that are MeshParts, I suggest turning their RenderFidelity to Automatic so when players are far away, the MeshParts will perform better (by reducing triangles).

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