Preventing Part from Sleeping

So i’m trying to move a slow part using PrismaticConstraint. Why? because its a part that the player is supposed to be standing on and I want to move the players along.

You want to make an Elevator with the PrismaticConstraint?

I don’t have the detail/information I need. What is the issue here?

If you want a player to move along a part, you’ll need to use body movers, moving position and CFrame with a script won’t work.

to use the prismatic: well first you will need two parts one anchored and one not anchored, then very important attach the prismatic constraint from the unanchored part to the anchored one “if you do the opposite it wont work”
when you do this try to run the game the unanchored should just fall so if you want the part to move up and down just go to the PrismaticConstraint’s Properties and set the ServoMaxForce to “inf” you can change the part speed with the speed propertie and change the TargetPosition to see how far you want the part to go and then it should work and remember that you can use a script to change the “TargetPosition” and make the part move
I hope this will help you!
edit:and you should set the anchored part’s CanCollide to false

Heres the detail, if you ever mess with slow moving parts using prismatic, you’ll see the issue. Try to move a part with it with the AngularVelocity of 0.2. And i’m trying to attempt to move the object horizontally.

I get this part but the main issue is “object with slow movement gets into a sleep state”.