[Price Estimation] Landed Property / Terrace


Hello, I’m @Trillionite. I was wondering how much people would pay for this terrace I made a few years back. The Terrace has 2 bedrooms, a toilet, a kitchen and a living room which are fully furnished.




The outside is nice, could you possibly send pictures of the interior here?

Despite the fact that I could build it myself in roughly 20 minutes, it looks really good. A good combinations of colours and textures. A realistic and appropriate size. 500 robux.

The furnitures are abit bad because the selling point is the exterior of the terrace.

Yea I know, this was one of my first builds when I just started developing

Seems safe enough to say that this should cost somewhere between 1-5k :robux:. The detailing is well balanced and the interior is quite good, it’s in a level where people could just go with it and mind their own business.

I would say 1k+ robux is a nice amount

I would buy this for about 2,000 robux for this level of build.

Nice work!

Tip: Don’t stick to default Roblox materials, experiment by creating your own!

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