Prince Clothing (27k+ members) is looking for clothing designers to join our team!


About Us

Hi there! We are Prince Clothing, a clothing group that sells premium clothing on the ROBLOX platform. Our customers love our advanced “in-game” shopping experience and the community that Prince Clothing has established and has evolved over the years. Our goal is to ensure that our inventory has a large variety of clothing so that everyone finds something that suits their style.

The Team
@Anonymous_Desire (Cryptic_Desire) - President & Group Owner
@ZekeGBlox - Vice President & Group Co-Owner!/about

About The Job

We are looking for several designers to join our team to give us a new, fresh clothing line to re-establish the brand name that Prince Clothing once had. We will hire only designers who are advanced in their designing software and that will be committed to quality. We are willing to hire people who don’t have as much experience in designing as long as we feel that your designs are up to our high standards despite your lack of experience in the clothing industry.


We are paying about 220 per design. We will be paying via group funds either via the Prince Clothing group itself or the Prince Corporate group.

Contact Us

You can contact me directly at ZekeG#1304 on discord or Anonymous_Desire on at Anonymous_Desire#8747. I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you have. If you’d like to DM me on discord, I’d recommending leaving your discord tag down below so that I can find your friend request more easily.

We appreciate your interest!

Prince Clothing

Do NOT DM me regarding ANYTHING else besides designing!


Cool. You can also look at some portfolios. :slight_smile:

I have done so already and there was like only 1 and I hired them. :slight_smile:

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Sent request. lgbtozierr#0253


I do not see your request. Please check and see if it went through.

I sent a new friend request.


Still nothing, what is your discord?

Hey there. I sent a friend request.


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