Printscreen crashes client

The print screen or screenshot, on roblox, crashes the client.

Nice repro steps you have there.

So you want me to make repo steps, fine.

  1. go in game
  2. Click printscreen
  3. Crashed has to rejoin game…

Look at my earlier post. It’s not happening. We need your OS, any programs running that could possibly affect ROBLOX and its screenshotting, if it happens at all places or just one, etc. That’s what Finite meant.

Windows 8.0, 8.1 latest roblox, re installed many times, using both chrome and Ie…
Really it comes and goes.

I’ve been having this issue, however it is really hard to do a repro since it comes and goes. The past 100 or so screenshots I’ve taken with ROBLOX, it’s only crashed about half a dozen times. (Tested it in different places)