PrismaticConstraint not active despite being enabled

Hello. In my game, I need to spawn a ship with containers in it and enable PrismaticConstraint, so it will move. Ship and containers are stored inside of ServerStorage, because they don’t have to be around the whole time.
To spawn the ship and containers, I use Instance:Clone(), and enable the constraint. But the constraint is not active and the ship is not moving.
The most weird part is, when I spawn the ship and containers with Instance.Parent = workspace, everything works well. I need to use Instance:Clone() for various reasons.
If you are wondering, at first I used a transparent block with CanCollide set to false, then I replaced it with terrain water.

When you try Instance.Parent = workspace everything goes well? umm…
did you enable the constraint, before or after the Instance.Parent = workspace line ?
try the same thing for Instance:Clone(). hope it works ;-;.

I always enable the constraint after spawning the ship. It still doesn’t work with Instance:Clone().

Now I know what’s the problem. Attachment1 of constraint is an attachment on a part of the ship. When I clone the ship, Attachment1 is still that attachment inside of the original ship (which is placed in ServerStorage) and attachment on the cloned ship isn’t connected to any constraint.