Prison: 10052020 (Name Pending)

I’m not sure where I was going with this, I decided to start on a Prison but didn’t have like a game in mind.
Any Ideas?


You should add torture chambers and a ton of cages


Its a good brick-build but people will say think its meant to be like a “Old Roblox” style build or its VERY basic so maybe try to use 0.1 stud bricks and things to add more detail and keep it a brick build since unions can corrupt


I think torture chambers are against roblox rules XD

Make it look like it’s actually two doors, because currently, there’s nothing splitting it.

Why are they different colors?

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Thx i will do doors,
and i was think having Minimum, Moderate, and maximum security for the colors but idk

Ok its pretty good here is some things that I’d improve on.

There is two an inconstant colors in each room:

I understand that its not finished yet but what would you use the giant rooms for?

The door is quite different from the size of the roblox character