Prison Simulator Rules and Guidelines

This post is for @Nukhz’s EPCF regarding the rules of Prison Simulator
Rules are to be followed at all times while on Prison Simulator

1. Do not break the Roblox ToS - Don’t break the Roblox Terms of Service. It has a lot of rules that apply to all games throughout roblox.
2. Follow the Roblox Community Rules - These are also to be followed in every game in Roblox.
3. Do not exploit - Exploiting will result in a permanent ban. Simply put, don’t do it.
4. Be tolerative - Tolerate other people: their religion, race, orientation, etc.
5. Do not abuse bugs - Abusing a bug in-game to benefit yourself in anyway being combative, economy or power wise will result in a ban.
6. The moderator’s decision is final - Do not go at a moderator for their decision. If you feel like your punishment is unjust, discuss it with other members of our staff team in our Secondary Communications Network.

Rules are subject to change and additional rules may be given without any prior notice

All personnel above Facility Director Security Clearance are granted moderator permissions (subject to change) and have authority over all lower personnel.

For any inquires contact @Nukhz either via Roblox direct messages or on our Primary Communications Network

@Nukhz - Facility Governor