Private modules permissions improvement

As a developer I want make “my customer”'s life easier by automating my scripts set-ups and so on, so I decided to create my first big projekt - my own plugin handling many things, from custom toolbox and automating assets set-ups to chat and own “software”. But there is one big problem that doesn’t want let me to continue …

The problem:
I want to save my own creations (later inserted by plugin into user’s game) inside Roblox toolbox, so I can easily access them and update them, but I don’t want make it for free … I just don’t want to make it for sale either! The first problem is, if I do so (disable copying), plugin cannot require and access my own modules and models*. And if I enable it everyone can access them without paying (if I will require it - for now I want make whole plugin for some low cost).

So the solution for this problem is another problem - inserting assets right into the plugin folders. I know there is much less chance for leaking, but it is worse accessible for me too. And … I just don’t want see my plugin, and mainly it’s asset, being leaked in any way.

The (Secure) Solution:
Make private modules and models (and so on …; assets with disabled copying) able to be required from plugin with same creator - my plugin running on any client can require my uploaded module script with disabled copying - and, if possible, the same thing to module scripts themselves - my public module script can require my private module script if running by plugin created by me. This will make my job much, much easier.

But your solution is problem itself!
If you are scared you can’t see what is inside these assets and that you can’t check if the plugin is safe to run, just don’t use it. But remember that plugin permission (as editing game scripts permission) should still aply for these script. Also, I won’t mind if Roblox admins can see inside, because I just trust them they won’t re-send / re-upload it + if this improvement would be added, there will be so many private modules they won’t have time to look to every of it if it isn’t needed.


My plugin can require my own private assets only on my client, but my friend cannot access them via plugin, which makes this plugin useless.

I would love to see your opinions on this, and I will try my best to comment / reply on them. Also I don’t have problem if you edit my wording.

And sorry if this suggestion already exists, I couldn’t find any

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