Pro Rugball Organization: Main Bulletin


This is the main Bulletin Board for package updates in Pro Rugball. This is a hub bulletin, as each “package,” or asset that I create will have its individual Bulletin Board, linked in the description that package.



Shagmin is simply my custom admin system. There are generalized commands (like :tp, :bring, :give) but also commands that are specific to Pro Rugball (:setthrowclock, :settime, etc). For any updates on Shagmin, see its bulletin.

Game Essentials

This package is the backbone of Pro Rugball. This contains all the necessary utilities (clocks, goals, out-of-bounds, close-violations, sounds, etc) as well as the football, all the GUIs, the starting teams, and even the field builds (the barriers and other things, like spawns). This will most likely be the most updated package. For any updates on Game Essentials, see its bulletin.

Stadium Addons

This package is the package that implements everything inside of the Game Essentials package. What this means is, this package uses all the utilities inside of Game Essentials in order to produce a working Rugball Game; the game would not be functional without either one of these pieces. This package also contains additional addons, like the Ref Module/Handler (and gui(s)). For updates on Stadium Addons, see its bulletin.

Publics Addons

This package has the same concept as the Stadium Addons package, except it is modified slightly for usage inside of public servers. To see updates for Publics Addons, see its bulletin.

The group on roblox can be found here.

[ 10/25/21 ]
Official Release!