Problem about Motor6d Positioning

Im currently working on a Spiderman project which everytimes I sling a web, the right hand of the player should stay there and rotate to the correct part. However as I’m a new to Motor6d and I might be positioning a wrong position. This happens:
Classic Baseplate - Roblox Studio (

The codes:
local torsocframe = char:FindFirstChild("Torso").CFrame local rightarmcframe = char:FindFirstChild("Torso"):FindFirstChild("Right Shoulder").C0 wait(0.5) char:FindFirstChild("Torso"):FindFirstChild("Right Shoulder").C0 = rightarmcframe * CFrame.lookAt(char:FindFirstChild("Right Arm").Position,part1.Position) char:FindFirstChild("Torso"):FindFirstChild("Right Shoulder").C1=,0,0)

If its too hard to see. Heres a code from the studio:
Script - Roblox Studio (

Please help!