Problem: Can't create custom EmoteWheel button with TopbarEnabled `false`

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to:

It is impossible to have SetCore TopbarEnabled set to false and create a custom button that toggles the Emote wheel in CoreGui.

Problem with alternative solutions:

Instead of setting TopbarEnabled to false, I tried setting PlayerGui TopbarTransparency to 1 instead. However, I am unable to remove this last piece of the CoreGui:

In the top right, a tiny piece of text describing the player name and age. It’s impossible to remove this via SetCoreGuiEnabled.

Meaning I either keep the ugly text above that obstructs my game’s UI and have an emote wheel, or disable the Topbar entirely and not have an emote wheel.

My ideal solution would be:
TopbarEnabled set to false should not disable the Emote wheel as well.

Alternatively, allowing SetCoreGuiEnabled to change the piece of text in the image to the compact variant, showing only the age, on the top left side next to the triple-striped menu button. This is the way it appears when you disable the Topbar.


Thanks for the feedback. We will look into.