Problem parenting multiple models at the same time

I have come across a problem while making a limited tool system. I am trying to create a line of code which will parent more that one model at the same time, I am trying to move the models from a script into a folder, here is the code I have:
local Stock = script.Parent.Script:GetChildren() Stock.Parent = script.Parent.Content
There are no errors when testing this feature and I would like to know if there’s a simple way to parent multiple things at once, I have already tried looking on the developer websites.

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you can make a function that loops through a table and parents them to something else, but there is no native function that allows you to bulk parent

Whats the first and second script name?

The script the models are in is called Refresh, and I am trying to get them into a Folder called Content, although I may look into looping through a table.