Problem with a health button

Test is printed properly. I don’t know what is wrong xD

You don’t have enough money. I guess that you’re giving money to the player but you’re doing it locally not on the server.

Yeah I go to Players, My name, Settings and Money

Yeah that’s what I thought you’re doing. You have to switch to the server view

And now give money to the player and it should work.

This is because your local changes aren’t replicated to the server, so you have to change money on the server.

Right, it’s working, but the health still not working even if I changed


local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer


    if plr.Settings.Medicine.Value > 0 then
        local char = plr.Character;
        if not char then return; end

        char.Humanoid.Health = char.Humanoid.Health + 30
        plr.Settings.Medicine.Value = plr.Settings.Medicine.Value - 1

Still not working. The Medicine work properly, so -1 but the health not. Why ?

Maybe because the player already has maxhealth.

No no, when I test, I put the Health to 10.

Oh my god, it work, finally work !! THANKS

In my case everything works fine.

So what was wrong in the end with that health?

I change that on the Client Side xDDD