Problem with Animator (Infinite yield possible)

I’m having a problem with Animator after adding eating animation to a custom rig, here’s the error:

and here’s the code:

local Monster = monsterContainer.Value :: Model
local MonsterHumanoid = Monster.Humanoid :: Humanoid
local Animator = MonsterHumanoid:WaitForChild("Animator") :: Animator

local WalkingAnimation = Animator:LoadAnimation(Monster.Walk) :: Animation
local EatingAnimation = Animator:LoadAnimation(Monster.Eat) :: Animation -- new animation, the code was working before I added it

I’ve searched for solutions on devforum but didn’t find anything helpful, can someone help?

Are you certain that there is an animator in the humanoid? Please check

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I thought it’s automatically added to the humanoid

For a player, yes.
For a custom rig, no.

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Okay but if so then how was it working before?

Edit: I noticed that this code was in a while loop so I took it out and now only 1 warning appears in the output

I put a print() after initializing animator and this happened:
Script spawns 3 monsters (rigs) and only the 3rd rig is getting this

Make sure you have the rig setup the same way as the other rigs. It may be useful to copy Humanoid (and any children of humanoid) from the working rig to the broken rig

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Oh nevermind these rigs have an animator sometome must’ve put them in here for me and then remove one, thanks for help and sorry for wasting your time for such a trivial mistake.

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