Problem with attaching accessories on client

Hey developers,

I’ve come across a problem in a game I am working on where I’m putting accessories on dummies in a viewport frame, so like a character customizer (which is exactly what it is). Now, accessories don’t automatically attach to the head on the client, which is why I need to use a script to make it attach.

This is the script I got from someone with a few changes:

return function(accessory, charModel)
	local handle = accessory:FindFirstChild("Handle") --accessory:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("BasePart")
	-- The hair must be welded because AddAccessory doesn't work locally
	-- Noted 8/2/2021
	local accessoryAttachment = handle:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Attachment")
	local characterAttachment = charModel.Head:WaitForChild(accessoryAttachment.Name)
	--print(accessoryAttachment == nil, characterAttachment == nil)

	local weld ="Weld",handle)
	accessory.Parent = charModel
	weld.Part0 = charModel.Head
	weld.Part1 = handle
	weld.C0 = characterAttachment.CFrame
	weld.C1 = accessoryAttachment.CFrame
	--print(weld.C0, weld.C1)
	weld.Parent = handle

It doesn’t really work, and doesn’t attach it. I’m wondering if there is a better way to do this, otherwise what would be a good fix to this.

Thank you.

By doesn’t work, what I think you mean is putting the accessories on and nothing is happening? Try slapping a WorldModel in the ViewPort frame.

Also, using the second parameter in is bad practice, and causes slight memory leaks.

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For some reason someone told me to put the parent thing in the and I did it which does nothing :open_mouth: gasp. I just forgot to change it back.

Anyways it worked, thanks.